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A General Practice is located in our health centre. The three general practitioners work intensively together and provide for the continuity of care. We are located in the areas of Noordelijke IJ-oevers West, Buiksloterham and Overhoeks. Patients from other areas are more than welcome in the practice.

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General Practitioner in Amsterdam-Noord

Three general practitioners work in our practice: Mr J. Jacobs, Mr V. Micic and Mr J. Nederhof.

Dr.  Jacobs besides daily care as General Practitioner, he has special interest in care for LGBTI people and PrEP consultations.

Dr. Micic specialises in traveller advice and sexually transmitted diseases in addition to the daily care as General Practitioner. He also speaks Serbian and Croatian.

Dr. Hans Nederhof is engaged in the development of e-health applications in addition to daily care. He has 37 years of experience as General Practitioner. He has a practice in Buiksloterweg and works as trainer of general practitioners. General Practitioner Nederhof works in the health centre one day out of the week. He speaks Dutch, German and English. He developed the Health Communication in the past few years, which is a communication system for medical assistance to Dutch and foreign-speaking patients. His aspiration is to be to help patients remotely. To this end, he is developing a virtual consultation room so that you can get help at home or at your workplace. This option is available in multiple languages.

Benefits of our General Practice:

  • We speak Dutch, English, German, French, Serbian and Croatian.
  • Blood can be drawn immediately after the consult at the centre.
  • The pharmacy is located inside the health centre.
  • We specialise in traveller vaccination.

Not a patient yet? You can register here directly. After registering at the practice, you can register yourself at the web-portal for e-consultations, review of your medical files and request of refill-medications.


Do you have a complaint? Discuss this with your General Practitioner

When you are not satisfied with the care you receive, we would appreciate it if you could discuss it with us. We will look for a solution together.

Do you have difficulty discussing your complaint, or can’t work it out with us, you can discuss your complaint with an independent and impartial complaints officer. The complaints officer will look for a solution for your complaint or problem with you and will try to mediate. The complaints officer does not take sides and does not have an opinion for that reason. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. You can use the complaints form on the website of SKGE. The complaints officer can be reached at 088 0229190.

If you can’t come to solution with your General Practitioner and by mediation with the complaints officer, please contact the General Practitioner arbitration authority. The ruling of the arbitration authority is binding. You can find more information about this in the folder in the waiting room and at

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