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Paid parking

Recently, there have been developments regarding the parking facilities around our centre. As of 1 July 2018, a large part of the blue zones and the parking spaces where it was previously possible to park free of charge have been converted into paid parking. This also applies to the Asterweg and surrounding streets. The cost of parking is €1.30 per hour. The nearest parking meter is located to the right of our building at the (nearest) crossing.

Unfortunately, the parking spaces that were previously on our own site are no longer available to us. The parking stripes have been erased and there are stickers ‘forbidden to park’ on our neighbour’s building. We kindly ask you not to park here any more. There is a towage scheme in force if you park here (see sign next to the building).
Please note that searching for a parking space and paying at the parking meter can take longer. Take this into account so that you do not arrive late at your appointment.

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