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Privacy Regulations

Privacy Regulations

Purpose and scope of the privacy regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to record the measures taken by our general practitioners practices Asterweg Medisch Centrum Noord, Buiksloterweg and Duindoornplein to ensure that patient data is handled with care. This regulation applies to all processing (automated and non-automated) of patient data, which are or will be included in a file.

  1. Purpose of collecting and processing patient data

    1. Patient data is processed in a proper and careful manner, and only for the purposes for which they are or will be collected;
    2. Data can be collected during consultations, treatments or otherwise;
    3. Purposes are:
      • use in the context of the care to be provided (in particular treatment, consultation, medication, referral, transfer);
      • use for monitoring of own quality and practice accreditation;
      • for (scientific) research, if anonymous;
      • other purposes, if agreed in advance with the patient.
  2. Processing of general patient data, health data, hereditary data

    1. General patient data will only be processed if one of the following conditions is met:
      • the patient has given permission for the processing (oral or written);
      • processing is necessary for the provision of general medical care to the patient;
      • processing is necessary to comply with legal obligations;
      • processing is necessary to combat serious danger to the health of the patient.
    2. Patient health-related data are only processed if one of the following conditions is met:
      • processing takes place by care providers, institutions, or facilities in the health care or social services insofar as this is necessary for the proper treatment or care of the patient;
      • processing takes place at the request of the insurer to the extent necessary for the assessment of the risk to be insured by the insurance institution, or insofar as this is necessary for the performance of an insurance contract;
    3. Heredity data of the patient are only processed in relation to the patient in question, unless:
      • a major medical interest prevails or
      • the processing is necessary for scientific research and statistics.
  3. Organization of information security

    GP practices Asterweg Medisch Centrum Noord, Buiksloterweg and Duindoornplein have taken the following measures and made working arrangements to ensure that patient data are treated carefully:

    1. All employees who process patient data or otherwise take note of patient data are bound to confidentiality;
    2. Patient data are not retained longer than necessary; medical data are stored for fifteen years, or as long as is reasonably necessary to provide responsible care;
    3. Only authorized persons have access to the (digital) data files of the practice; to this end, computers are provided with a password and the spaces in which data are stored are not freely accessible;

    Patients are informed about the collection and processing of data by practitioners at the first registration of the patient at the practice. The patient receives the practice leaflet with reference to the website of the practices on which the privacy regulations are stated.

  4. Patient rights

    1. The patient is entitled to inspect all data collected and processed about him/her;
    2. The patient is entitled to a copy of the data collected about him or her; the practice provides a copy after a request from the patient and the practice may request a reasonable reimbursement for this;
    3. The patient may request the addition and/or correction of the collected and processed data, insofar as these are incomplete and/or factually incorrect;
    4. The patient may request removal or limited use of the collected and processed data;
    5. Right of inspection or copy and requests for supplementation, correction, restricted use, or removal can be refused by the practice insofar as this is necessary to protect a substantial interest of another (including the protection of that person’s privacy) and/or in case retention is required on the basis of a (statutory) prescription;
    6. If the patient is of the opinion that these regulations are not sufficiently or at all adhered to in practice, he or she can submit a complaint to the practice. The complaint will then be initiated and handled according to the complaints procedure;
    7. If the patient can not represent themselves, the legal representative acts in his or her place.


Publication privacy regulations

This privacy regulation of GP practices Asterweg Medisch Centrum Noord, Buiksloterweg and Duindoornplein takes effect on 1 June 2017 and is published on the website of the practices.