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STD polyclinic

Our health centre has a polyclinic for sexually transmitted diseases. This is where you can get yourself tested completely anonymously for sexually transmitted diseases.

STD polyclinic – consult prices

We apply the following consult prices. A normal consult is not deducted from the deductible access!

Normal consult€0
Completely anonymous consult€55,00

Fee for lab research

OnderzoekRegulier tariefOns tariefUw voordeel
Hepatitis B virus core as€10,74€6,0044%
Hepatitis B virus core lgM as€12,98€6,0054%
Hepatitis B virus e as€10,72€6,0044%
Hepatitis B virus e ag€18,47€6,0068%
Hepatitis B surface ag (HBsAg)€9,98€6,0040%
HBsAg confirmation test€9,98€6,0040%
Hepatitis C virus as€10,72€6,0044%
HIV as€10,72€6,0044%
Lues screening€8,21€6,0027%
VDRL (Lues)€9,20€6,0035%
Chlamydia trachomatis (DNA)28,69€16,0044%
Neisseria gonorrhoeae (DNA)28,69€16,0044%