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Traveller Polyclinic

Asterweg Medisch Centrum Noord has a traveller yclinic where you get advice for the necessary vaccinations for your holiday.

Traveller clinic in Amsterdam-Noord

At the traveller yclinic we’d be happy to give you advice about the necessary vaccinations for your holiday. Various vaccinations are in stock in the health centre. Furthermore, we are one of the few centres that is authorised to administer yellow fever vaccinations.

We advise you to come to us 6-8 weeks before the start of your trip.

Consult prices

Traveller advice€56.80
Co-travelling advice of child up to age 17€9,23
Malaria prescription (excluding consult)€7,50
Vaccination booklet€2,70


Check your health insurance policy for the reimbursement of vaccination and consultations.